Home of Steel + Lacquer!


Mid-­Market (or Central Market) is a neighborhood and development area in San Francisco, California. The Mid-­Market redevelopment area is centered around Market Street starting at Fifth Street, ending at Ninth Street, and including a number of buildings down to Mission Street. It effectively creates a sub-­‐‑neighborhood of the Tenderloin, SOMA, and Civic Center neighborhoods for the purpose of redeveloping the area. The largest and most noteworthy of businesses to date has been Twitter, which moved into the old SF Furniture Mart building at Ninth and Market streets in 2012. 

In spite of the massive growth in residential and corporate complexes and substantial employment within Mid-­Market, a gap currently exists in the service area. NEMA is strategically located on 10th and Market, in a very up and coming neighborhood. Steel + Lacquer will add to the growth in this neighborhood. NEMA'ʹs philosophy is; live beautifully, why not add beautiful hair to that equation. 

Steel + Lacquer is located in NEMA, located at 10th and Market -­ a 754-­unit residential apartment complex in the Mid-­Market neighborhood of San Francisco, California. The retail space is 2000 sq. ft. This site is a very high profile area with easy access and valet parking. The complex consists of a 19-­story, 220-­foot tower at Jessie and 10th Streets and a 35-­ story, 352-­foot tower at Market and Tenth Streets, connected by a nine story podium along Tenth Street.