Lena and I spent yesterday at the space working with our interior designer on some final touches. Feeling like it was a very successful meeting, I headed up 10th Street toward Market with a pep in my step. As I turned the corner, I  gasped at this view; Bliss:

I snapped a picture and I am still in awe. It’s moments like this that seem to stop time and are exhilarant reminders of what exactly is about to take place. With the New Year, new beginnings are all around us!  Not only do we have this wonderful new beginning in our own lives, but are also so excited to be a part of what is quickly becoming a very desirable neighborhood. With all the new businesses going into Mid-Market, it almost feels as if we are a new Kindergarten class and I can’t wait to see how we help to make this neighborhood flourish! As we continue to put the finishing touches on our space I am ecstatic that our first day of Kindergarten will soon be approaching. I can’t wait to have many golden hours with you all at the home of Steel + Lacquer!