Almost a year ago to-date, January 18, marked our last day at Grasshopper Salon in South Park. We spent 7 lovely years there and were ready to begin the next chapter in our careers and our lives. We have so much love and respect for Jeneill Smith and Kelly Madigan (Grasshopper owners) who taught and mentored us throughout our time there. Leaving Grasshopper was bittersweet, with a mix of emotions for everyone, however we were thoroughly excited to be taking on our very own entrepreneurial adventure. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Grasshopper as an ally salon.

“Let’s open our own salon!” It was an idea Lena and I tossed around at dinner one night over drinks. Here we are a year later, months away from opening the doors of our first “baby,” Steel + Lacquer. Once we decided on the plan it was very important for us to leave Grasshopper gracefully. We decided to leave before planning any of our new venture; we didn’t even have a name yet. However, once we left, our one goal was to make this dream become a reality.

Lena and I both have a wonderful clientele that we have built and nurtured for years. We love our clients as they love and support us and it was very important not to have our clients displaced during this transition.  I began to put out my feelers in order to find a place to serve our clients while we began to plan the business. Jennie Altman Siewert is a good friend of my cousin,  Jacob Inocencio, who had just opened her very first salon in North Beach, Ladies & Gents. After chatting with Jennie, we were thrilled for her to take Lena and I on as renters during the interim. Things were falling into place.

Ladies & Gents has been our home for over a year now and it is the cutest most happening salon in North Beach.  It is positioned right across from Washington Square Park with the best view of the park and Saint Peter and Paul’s Church. Jennie has been open since November 2013 and has been a true inspiration as we developed our own vision for our salon. She has a very sweet heart and driven passion for the industry. Lena and I admire many qualities about her and her business. Once we leave North Beach we will always have a special place in our hearts for Ladies & Gents. We are so very thankful for Jennie and her staff for making us feel welcome and supporting us through this journey. We will miss all of you!


If you ever find yourself unable to make it down to Mid-Market from North Beach, we highly recommend the talent at Ladies & Gents!

Jennie we love you! <3