Wow! It’s already 2015! This past December was a doozy. For those of you that do not know, the holiday season is the busiest time of year in the salon industry. However, because this  was the case behind the chair -salon planning with our vendors slowed down a whole lot during that month. But, now we are back in action!

Jarrod and I can proudly say our architectural drawings for the space have been approved by NEMA and are ready to submit to the city. We are hoping that this will all be over the counter-meaning it’s the most ideal process for submitting our type of plans. The less time it takes for the city to approve our plans, the quicker we will get to break ground!

We have been staring at this empty space for months now and we are so very eager to kickstart the physical changes. Since the beginning, we were told by various business owners that the initial process always takes longer than expected. They were right! Although it has been months, Jarrod and I try to remind each other to enjoy this part of the journey. We have learned so much thus far and know that the curve isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  

Thank you to Michael Zucker & Associates for being patient with us. The two of you were vital elements in transferring our vision into permit-ready plans. Who would have thought we would spend so many hours talking about the same wall or the same shampoo room or the same changing room over and over! Jarrod and I will be in hopes that our next blog will be congratulatory, celebrating the quickness of the permitting process. Fingers crossed!